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Once again old school gameplay.
Launch date announce..?

Nearly two months has passed and we still cannot decide of final start date. There is a lot of things done, here on website. And server side enters now period of serious beta testing. Need you guys to not give up and help finding any possible software issues. How long we stay at beta stage depends on you really. So i want to say "thank you" to all those who were here whole that time. Soon will create recruitment thread on forum. Anyone intrested joining 2Old2Play crew.. keep an eye on community board.

At the meantime want to present fully working "Vote Reward System". Main site "account" section.
Also updated download links and fixed forum security question issue.

Beta game accounts registration is now re-opened.

ETA 30-45days??
Vote for us! To collect rewards you must log-in!

Its happening!

Welcome to 2Old2Play Gaming Network.

The day zero is approaching, with a big steps! Stay tuned, anytime soon we announce opening date.

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